Live Black Soldier Fly Larvae

Our live BSFL are a perfect feed for a variety of domestic and farm animals including reptiles, chickens, birds and fish.

BSFL are naturally high in protein, contain a health amount of fat and are a good source of calcium.

Typical nutritional breakdown:

  • Protein - 30%

  • Fat - 15%

  • Calcium - 2%

Live BSFL can be kept for up to one month if cared for appropriately as per our care instructions.


Dried Black Soldier Fly Larvae

Oven dried BSFL are a long-life alternative to live BSFL with a higher concentration of protein and fat. They can be used by themselves as a high quality protein source, combined into a dry feed blend or used to create extruded pellets.

Typical nutritional breakdown:

  • Protein - 45%

  • Fat - 25%

  • Moisture - 5%


Black Soldier Fly Exuvae

Collected from out hatcheries after our larvae hatch as flies, exuvae are high in chitin which can be used in fertilisers, to make bioplastics and to weave antimicrobial fibres.

Exuvae are sold either whole or ground.