Our Vision

We are working towards creating a future where agriculture and waste management are sustainable, precise and local.

We seek to lead the world’s transition to sustainable agriculture and waste management through coupling the natural capabilities of insects with innovative technology. We are pioneering the creation of compelling insect-based products for people, plants and animals in the pursuit of a sustainable future.


Food Waste

Globally approximately 30% of all food produced is wasted. That’s equivalent to 1 in every 3 meals being thrown away every day.

This practice is unsustainable and harmful to our planet with long-term adverse environmental consequences.

Karma3 has developed technology to process this organic waste into a sustainable feed for animals and organic fertiliser for plants.

Sustainable Food

Current methods of food production are not viable without irreversible damage to our planet. We over-fish our oceans and over-farm our prime agricultural land to create feed for the animals we eat.

Karma3’s insect derived protein and oil help to close the loop on food production and offer fresh alternatives to out-dated practices.


Experts predict that in the next 30 years we will see phosphorus levels in soil almost completely depleted, the majority having run-off into our oceans. Without this key nutrient, our lands may become barren and unable to produce the food we need to survive.

Karma3 is able to recapture phosphorus and other nutrients from food waste and reintroduce these back into our soils via our organic fertiliser.

Local Agriculture.jpg

Local Agriculture

Globally there is a shift towards local production of food to reduce our impact on the environment and embrace the joys of fresh produce.

Karma3’s technology allows towns, villages, cities and countries to produce food and manage their waste locally to create circular ecosystems.