This is how we do it

The idea of not capturing nutrients after we have finished utilising the food we grow will seem as foreign to us as throwing plastic bottles out the car window while we drive along.

Karma’s vision of the future is a future where agriculture and waste management are sustainable, sufficient and local.

Karma will lead the world’s transition to sustainable agriculture and waste management through coupling the natural capabilities of insects with innovative technology. We are pioneering the creation of compelling insect-based products for people, plants and animals in the pursuit of a sustainable future.

This is how we plan to do it:

  1. Systems Thinking: Design and implement a basic proof of concept that insects can be reared in captivity, continuously and reliably from a mixture of waste streams

  2. Scale: Scale our system sufficiently to produce commercial quantities of insects

  3. Compelling Products: Create compelling products using insects that are saleable on a daily basis to prove the market demand

  4. Armed with a proven business model, build the largest waste-bioconversion facility in the world

  5. Verticals: Systems will include next-level aquaponic setups to effectively turn waste into a products found on supermarket shelves

James Sackl